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Our Mission

    We are introducing to America the oldest  breed of guardian dogs in the world - Shepherd's Dogs of Central Asia. This ancient race of guardians survived through millenniums. They were guarding livestock and dwellings, caravans and palaces. All this ancestry traveled with these dogs through time and space, forming unique breed, rich in types, subtypes, abilities and talents.

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     Today America want to live in harmony with the nature, reintroducing wildlife to the places, where some species were extinct for decades. Predators again become the part of rich and healthy ecosystem. And so should be the Guardian Dogs, always standing between wilderness and comfort of man-made world. 
We believe, that Aziat
as a powerful and gentle protector
will find a new home on the great American land.
We see our mission in breeding the best dogs,
for any kind of guardian work
America may need.