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Breeding programs

     No job is too small or too big for Aziat, and we, as breeders, can figure what particular puppy is better for this job, and what specific training it will need. 

     We are providing severe selection of the breeding pairs, based on our knowledge of our dogs ancestry. We know every dog behind the particular puppy for at least 7 generations back, with all their specifics in characters, behavior, temperament and anatomy. We know how those dogs were raised, and what work were they trained and used for.

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     We are able to do this because we are using the oldest bloodlines in the USA, imported more than decade ago. We exchange bloodlines with dogs from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, and some other countries. Breeders, participating in this programs, share our believes in keeping methods of breeding and raising Aziat as close to the nature, as it is possible in our civilized environment.