Cumulative Stress Test

Ever wondered what you dog will do in a unusual , bizarre situation, especially if the situation will continue ? We did, and run a stress test based on Russian similar test by World famous breed expert A. Vlasenko. The way to check the dog's initial reaction is to introduce an extremely unpleasant yet harmless object. Further, the dog may or may not adjust to the idea of walking near the object. We believe that a stable dog will at least to the point she will keep walking with her owner through the  site for as long as she is told. This size and power must come together with brains and respect to the owner. 

Tigr, actively working LGD dog, was unpleasantly surprised: he walked through this place before, but he had no idea that there is a harvest of cans... He was looking for the root of the problem,  and soon discovered where was the source of the issue 


Varvara AZAM is show trained, and she had seen cans before. Cans falling from the trees initially somewhat scared her, but she adjusted as soon as she realized that they are harmless

George is a puppy, he walked through just a couple times

Chashma comes from this litter Puppies from 2 FCI Champions

Deva is Tigr's daughter just under a year old. Also working protecting livestock, but  played with cans as a puppy