Self-defense Test

We were looking to check how the Aziat reacts to an odd and unusual scary creature when he is left on his own. All AZAM Aziats we tested that day recognized people they know and like inside the creature... This test aimed to reveal if they will attack, run away, stay neutral, or hide. It worked out in a different way: they all shown an ability to independently analyze potential threat and act in accordance. We call it "safe and intelligent dogs".

Tigr  was soooo relieved when he figured out that these visitors are his long time friends in new clothes 

Chesma did not buy it either

Mamont ( and he bites rear bumper when a strange car leaves without us telling him that it is OK. Without any kind of protection training, he just does not like the idea)  was really lost... he recognized the "creature" right away, could not understand why he is acting so weird, and was so happy when his long time friend human finally spoke to him