Livestock Safety Test

We strongly believe that purebred dogs of any breed need to fit physically and mentally within breed origination purposes. Newfoundland must be able to swim, Fox Terriers hunt, and dogs originated from prehistoric livestock guardians must be safe with livestock. Thus we test all AZAM breeding dogs as well as other ANCA members' dogs if they want for proper behavior around farm animals and optionally poultry. 

Tigr is a typical aboriginal herder's dog from Tajikistan. His behavior around farm animals and poultry is safe and gentle; sheep are not afraid of him. Same, around small dogs and children.

Chesma is a young female from this litter  Puppies from 2 FCI Champions

So is Chashma, her litter sister 

George is AZAM bred puppy 

Mamont is US bred and comes from oldest lines in country. He is not actively working with livestock, and met farm animals when he was about 5 years old.