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Behind the price

     Looking to purchase Aziat, imported from Asia or Europe? There are many uncertainties in bringing quality dogs from overseas we can help to avoid. We provide a variety of services saving both time and money. Also we have years of experience in shipping and receiving animals safely (references available).

     Please be advised that the puppies arriving in USA under 3 month of age may be required to be kept isolated for up to 30 days by the Importer and vaccinated for Rabies after. Usually they are sold by reservations and go to new home at 35-45 days of age. We suggest shipping the dog only after 3 month of age; by that age the puppy will be properly vaccinated. and will easier handle the flight. In order to do so, the puppy must be boarded for 6 or more weeks. Foreign Breeders we recommend usually will keep the pup until 3 month of age, and provide puppy basic training for an extra fee as long as the dog is paid for. However, we are not always able to arrange all services on these terms with Breeders we did not work before with.

Services and Fees

Full Service: $880 flat fee

     English-Russian and Russian-English negotiations and translations. Customs in Russia, Health Certificate, International Travel Passport, Puppy Card and instructions for re-registration.
      Evaluation of the puppy by National Breed Club Certified Breed Judge at or above CAC qualification.
     Legal contract, valid in USA for major Kennel Clubs Registration.
     Shipping arrangements from Moscow or Kiev to JFK or to any other city in USA where non-stop flights arrive. Forwarding from JFK to any city in USA.
     Boarding in USA up to 72 hours
     Kennel up to 16” x 24” x 15” is included, larger kennels are available for extra fee. 

Additional expenses may apply:

Additional Immunizations before flight  - $30/ea 
Boarding in Russia (Ukraine)  - $10/day -  $200/month 
Additional Immunizations in USA  - $40/ea 
Boarding in USA  - $15/day 
Basic puppy training  - $200

Optional services: 

    Exchange Puppy Card to Pedigree before shipping (when available) - $120*
    Certified Translation of all Titles in Pedigree - $60 
    Breed literature (in Russian, some translations available) - Upon request 
    Forwarding live animal from Asia or Europe to USA or from USA to former USSR Countries (including airport trips)  -  $300 *
    “Puppy Lemon check” by Breed club Director or other Official including written evaluation $70 to $150
    “Pedigree Lemon Check”, - complete bloodlines analysis by respectful Breeder and/or Breed Judge including written description of dog’s ancestors. $70 to $150
*Shipping expenses, express mail expenses, Kennel Clubs fees, money transfer charges are not included


We reserve the right to reject any inquiry. References carefully checked. We will do our best  to process all requests as fast as possible. Normally, it takes average three to six weeks between pre-payment and puppy arrival to new home, depends on age, availability and vaccination schedule.
Prices are subject to change.