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American bred or imported

       AZAM, as a member of ANCA,  strongly support and encourage import of Aziat dogs to America.

      Years and years will pass, and thousands of dogs will be imported, until we will see all varieties and types of Aziat, which can be seen in aboriginal population of Central Asia. And without all this variations and inbreed differences we always will be in jeopardy of loosing some important breed specifics.

Ursu, imported from Uzbekistan, 31' high, 150 lb weight

         For first-time Aziat owners we usually recommend American-bred dogs. They are already acclimated here, they are used to American germs and to treatment against them, they are socialized to American standards, etc.  Future owners must also understand, that imported dog, if import is made by AZAM, will most probably be chosen and planned for future breeding, that adds much to the owners responsibility.
      Another story is import of the dog from aboriginal lines, or even directly from "the land of Aziat". It usually takes time, and those puppies very often are not the biggest or most beautiful ones... but they are always smartest and they always show real Aziat character. They were bred and raised to win not the dog shows, but to win the everyday fight for life of the dog, his owner and livestock.

      The price also is something to consider. Usually the price of the puppy overseas is lower (because there are much more puppies available), but Shipping/Handling makes the total price about the same with American-bred dogs. To give the idea of what the process of importation of the puppy looks like and what future owner is paying for, one may look in