QUESTIONNARIE - Selecting Your Dog

Why do you want a dog? (check all that apply):

* For my children
* Companionship
* Security
* Jogging buddy
* To show in the Dog Show circuit
* To socialize with other dog lovers
* Something else not listed:_________________________________________

What is your lifestyle like? (check all that apply):

* I work full-time
* I am home a good deal of the time
* I am a neat freak
* I am OK with some clutter
* I don’t care what my house looks like!
* I am very active, and would like an active dog
* I would like a companion, but would rather have a calm, quiet dog
* I would enjoy a dog that likes outdoor activity, but is quiet indoors

How do you want your dog to relate to you and others?
(Check the best answer):

* Dog must be good with children
* I want a dog that loves everyone!
* I want a dog that loves the entire family, and is friendly with our acquaintances
* I want a dog that loves the entire family, and is tolerant of others
* I want a dog that loves our family, but doesn’t warm up quickly to others
* I want more of a “one-person” dog, who will gravitate towards me, but will still enjoy my family and accept others

What is your living environment like?(check one):

* I have a mid-sized to large house and a fenced yard
* I have a mid-sized to large house, and access to daily outdoor space
* I have a small house or apartment with access to daily outdoor exercise space
* I have a small house or apartment, and do not have easy access to outdoor exercise space

Can your finances support caring for a dog? (check one):

* Finances are not a problem
* I will need to budget, but have carefully considered all of the costs
* My finances fluctuate, so it will be hard to budget. What do I need besides food anyway?
* Finances are tight. I am not sure what the total costs might be.

How committed can you be to your dog? (check one):

* I am interested and able to work with my dog every day, training, grooming and exercising him/her
* My time is limited, but I am dedicated to spending some time each day training, exercising and/or grooming him/her
* I am not sure how much time I can dedicate to my dog for training, exercising and grooming, but have some time each week. I can take them out for daily walks, though
* How much time do I need to devote to my dog? Isn’t taking them out to go to the bathroom enough?

Other considerations:

* Does your family like to travel? Would you like to take your dog with you or board your dog while you are away?
* Have you checked with your landlord or association about their rules regarding dogs?
* Is anyone in your family allergic?
* What is the age of the youngest child that will be around your dog on a regular basis?
* Have you thought about how future lifestyle changes might affect your ability to care for your new dog? (babies, job schedule changes, impending move, etc.)