Applications and Contracts


...............APPLICATION for a puppy
...............APPLICATION for adoption

   There are usually three types of contracts, but other types may be worked out and signed to meet Buyers specific needs. The price depends mostly on two factors - how rare is temperament or appearance of the dog, and what guarantees comes with the purchase.
  All AZAM dogs are guaranteed excellent health at the time of sale, free of any viral/bacterial disease, and one-year free of serious congenital disease. Other guarantees are given to ensure the proper selection of the puppy for performing specific job or task. 
    For example, if
the dog is sold as a guardian, we guarantee proper temperament for any kind of guardian or protection work, usual for this breed. In the case the dog can not pass temperament testing or training, we agree to give another dog of the same or better quality and proper temperament with no charge, and first puppy may be returned or held at buyers discretion. 
    When dog is sold for show career, we guarantee 
excellent conformation and temperament , and highest show ratings. If the dog's conformation or temperament won't meet Buyer's expectations, and this will be confirmed by qualified judges, we will also provide the Buyer with another puppy of better quality at no cost.  
    If there are no specific demands from the Buyer, the puppy will be sold as a pet. In the age of purchase (usually 2-4 months) this does not mean much, as some dogs show their beauty and temperament later, than others.  The only difference is that we will not guarantee for these dogs anything but health. 
    Below are some examples of the contracts for puppy purchase. Unique Contract of Sale will be agreed with Buyer and signed after approval of application and puppy selection.

Usual price brackets for these three main types of contracts  are
Pet - 1000-2000, 
Guardian - 1500-3000, 
Show-dogs - individually priced. 

Nonrefundable $ 300 deposit needed to secure your selection.

 Discounts may apply
for dogs used for livestock protection, 
for top show careers, sports, as service dogs.